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weight loss

The weight loss and fitness industry is a complete joke. It’s full of hyped up B.S advice that’s either technically incorrect or flat out doesn’t work and is backed up by nothing more than slick marketing, name dropping, or letters after the name. It’s disgusting. I hope you’re sick of it, because you should be.

Indeed, there are so many weight loss books, diets, and plans now that disguise the basic fact of a calorie deficit being required to lose fat that it seems as though sense and reason has given way to quackery.

Whether it’s insulin and hormones, the pH of our blood, the timing of our eating, the ‘window’ that we’re meant eat in, or any of a whole bunch of other mumbo jumbo that tries to take advantage of our ignorance and desperation, if they can convince you that, somehow, we can ‘hack’ our physiology they seem to be on to a winner.

And if it’s not bastardised science it’s some celebrity trying to cash in on this multi-billion dollar industry through the use of their name by selling you some half-cocked plan.

*GASP* Surely it can’t be true, right?

Well, have you seen some of these people? Their weight is up down up down ad nauseum. I ask you, would you listen to the advice of a plumber who always had leaky pipes? Or the advice of a builder whose walls continually fell down?

Of course you wouldn’t. Then why listen to the advice of people who can’t sustain their weight loss?

The Weight Loss Facts

Here are the weight loss facts. And they are absolutely, categorically, and fundamentally indisputable… no matter what some nutritional wizard, celebrity, journalist, or someone in the medical profession has told you:

• If you ARE in a calorie deficit, you WILL lose fat.

• If you ARE NOT in a calorie deficit, you WILL NOT lose fat.

If anyone tells you different then turn them off because they literally don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re either bullshitting you or lying to you, often because they want to sell you something.

Weight Loss Is Often Made To Sound Complicated

Of course, that said, this isn’t the end of the story. Hormones, as one of the most common examples these days, can tip the scale in one direction or another, such that they can decrease calories out, or compel you to increase calories in, but that doesn’t dispute the above 2 facts.

All it’s done is change your physiology so, for different reasons, you may no longer be in a calorie deficit.

…which means you don’t lose fat.

That’s it. There’s nothing more complicated about it than that. It ALWAYS comes back to calories, irrespective of whether you’re on keto, intermittent fasting, mediterranean, clean eating, vegetarian, vegan, whatever. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is sustaining a calorie defict, and some people can find particular diets more suitable for them because… drum roll… it allows them to more easily remain in a calorie defict compared to some other diet.

The ‘How To Lose Fat’ Industy

However, true as that is, it’s not sexy, is it? Of course not. So what we’ll do instead is invent new ways to wrap the calorie deficit fact up in a disguise in order to sell you something that looks like a magic bullet.

And we’ll make a fortune… because directly targeting the ignorant and selling them waffle through psychobabble and sophistry by appealing to their desires, dreams and wishes has never been easier.

Such is the joy of the internet.

The Best Way To Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight, and lose it for good, is by learning how to eat properly.  That is, learning about food, how it relates to energy, and why certain foods are so easy to gain fat on (as well as foods that are easy to lose it with).

This advice is timeless. It won’t steer you wrong and will assist you for the rest of your life—whatever paths you decide to take in the future.

Further, not only does Beat Your Weight explain food and tell you how to eat for weight loss so you’ll know what you’re doing from this day forward yourself, but it also covers a whole bunch of other stuff in this frightening industry so you’ll never again lose your money to some weight loss or nutritional guru. Or is that charlatan, I forget.

Here are a few of the things you will learn within its pages:

The proper way to lose fat—not metabolic rate abuse wrapped up in sophistry

• How to forever remain healthy while you lose fat

• How to lose fat without cutting food groups—weight loss without dieting

• How to lose fat without counting calories or macros

• How to lose fat with the least amount of anxiety or stress—make it as easy as possible on yourself psychologically

• How to keep the fat off and not relapse—no more yo-yo dieting

• The truth about how to lose belly fat, how to lose face fat, how to lose thigh fat, how to lose butt fat… and whole bunch of other specific areas that you may wish to target

• And more

Sustainable and permanent weight loss is not elusive or overly painful if you know what you’re doing.

Lose Weight Permanently

Beat Your Weight is a method of simplicity that doesn’t restrict food groups, and it certainly doesn’t advise caution towards food and that we should be scared of it. We want a healthy relationship with food after all.

Beat Your Weight is a method that will keep you healthy, satiated, and not left wanting. No hyperbole, no claim of miracles, and none of the fairy-tales. Just good food and advice that results in sustainable fat loss.