Essential Tips For Healthy Aging

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Aging and getting older takes a toll on the body and mind, and sometimes the spirit as well. However, you can age well and stay happy even while growing old by following some simple advice.

7 Tips For Aging Well

Reduce The Stress

Stress can sap your energy and affect your mood. Stress can also affect you on a cellular level, damage your brain, contribute to insulin resistance (1, 2)  and age you.

It can generally be reduced in one of two ways:

First, by analyzing the causes and then either removing the stressor or reframing it.

Or second by practicing exercises that reduce it.

Think about your stress. What are the biggest causes of it in your life? An annoying relative? A difficult coworker?

You may want to examine your life and look for the sources of stress. Once you find them you can work on eliminating them or reducing contact with whatever it is that creates the stress.

Things that can reduce stress are:



Meditation Practices




Keep Your Mind Active

Another key factor to aging well is to have an active mind. From doing crossword puzzles, reading new books, to learning new things… keep your brain cells active.

Using your brain stimulates new connections and may even generate new cells allowing more brain plasticity.

Try new activities that work your mind. This is an essential way to avoid boredom and find new experiences to share with others. For example, try learning a new language, to paint, to play an instrument, or cooking a different type of cuisine.

Don’t become jaded thinking there’s nothing new; you haven’t touched upon a fraction of what’s available no matter how old you are or how busy your life has been.


Exercise is also an essential part of aging well, for the body and for the mind.

Exercise has numerous benefits, from increased flexibility, improved circulation, better posture and muscle tone, improving glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, healthier and stronger heart, to improving balance, coordination and independence.

Exercise not only makes you live longer, but it also improves the quality of the life that you’re living.

Both cardio and resistance training.

Explore The World Around You

As you age, it’s important to stay curious and involved in the world around you. Avoid boredom and depression by being involved.

Travel is a popular hobby for retirees, but it’s not the only way to explore the world. If you’re on a limited budget and can’t travel, then consider taking a class about a different country. You can also read books, visit local community centers, interact with immigrants from various countries or just go on walks (which is great exercise) and explore.

Stay Socially Engaged

Isolation can be one of the biggest issues of aging. As we get older we may interact less with friends and family.

Isolation is dangerous because it can have a negative impact on your health and lead to depression and anxiety.

It’s important to try and stay involved in your community and social circle. Be sure to attend parties with friends, throw family reunions, or visit others (don’t wait for them to visist you because they may not).

A social network will help you stay engaged and happy.

View Aging From A Different Perspective

Your thoughts about aging can affect the quality of your life. Although aging involves changes, it also presents opportunities for growth and learning.

People who have positive attitudes toward aging are less likely to have chronic health issues. Your attitude can affect your mind and your body, so pay attention to your thoughts.

Increase Your Levity

Lastly, but by no means least, try and approach life with more levity. Humor and laughter is wonderful for us for many reasons and it also makes us feel younger and alive!

So smile, laugh, and play often!

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Aging can bring the loss of loved ones, retirement from work, and other life transformations. However, the way you view these changes can have a great impact on your life. Instead of accepting limitations, search for ways to overcome them or get past them.

Aging doesn’t have to mean the end for fun or happiness in your life. You can age happily, age healthily and grow old successfully with just a few adjustments.

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