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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How To Become Fearless & Be Brave

7 Ways To Boost Your Boldness Instantly

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how to become fearless

Learning how to become fearless can open up paths and avenues that you wouldn’t have dared to walk down otherwise.

And if you’re not actively pursuing your dreams, fear is likely to blame. Fear can most certainly stop you from taking the actions necessary to achieve success. Some people are experts at plowing through fears, while others could use a few tips.

You might be shocked by how much your life could change if you’d just increase your bravery by 10%! That’s likely all it would take, too, since courage removes barriers to action, the action boosts your confidence by way of a can-do attitude, and the confidence boosts your courage even higher.

Let’s cover some specific strategies for achieving it:

Strategies For How To Become Fearless & Brave

Be Fearless By Visualizing Success

Fear comes from imagining the worst, so one solution is to imagine a positive outcome.

It’s important to make the visualization as real as possible. Really Feel it. Put yourself in the actual situation. Use all of your senses to create a realistic scene. Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re successful.

Do this regularly and it will make a difference.

Employing this technique even one time can be enough to take the edge off your fear, boost your courage, and allow you to act.

Be Brave By Imagining Your Child Is Watching You

It’s easy to take the easy way out when you’re alone, but put some watchful eyes on us and we’re different.

Make those eyes of someone or something that we want the approval of and we’ll act in ways that we think will improve the opinion that we get of us from those eyes. After all, no one wants to lose face in front of those they consider their peers.

And we can use this as a neat little trick to improve our boldness.

So, imagine that your child is watching you.

Who wants to be afraid in front of their own kid? No one! Positive parenting has a number of facets and this can be another one of them.

You’ll set a good example almost by default. You’ll be brave, bold, couragous, daring… and fearless!

Your Alter Ego Knows How To Be Brave

You have multiple “personalities”. There’s the personality you use at work. There’s another personality you use with your friends. Another you use at home. And yet another you’d use at a job interview.

You can have a personality that is bold and brave. Become that person.

Just imagine yourself as that person. Put yourself in their shoes. How do they act. Stand. Sit. Hold themselves.

Go all in if it helps; give him or her a backstory. Feel how it feels to be them.

Do what they would do. Be that person.

Ask Yourself What A Brave Person Would Do

This is another near little trick. Ask yourself what a brave and fearless person would do and then choose that course of action for yourself.

Think of someone that you consider brave and fearless, contemplate how they would handle the situation you’re in, then act accordingly.

If you actually know someone personally who is courageous, ask them what they would do if they were you.

Imagine You Only Have A Week Left To Live

If you knew you were done in a week, you wouldn’t be afraid of anything, would you?

Your perspective on life would be much different. Nothing could really bother you that much. If you’re going to die soon, would you care what some stranger thought of you or your failure? Of course not.

The scary thought here is that you might actually die in a week. Someone, somewhere, at sometime, will be gone from us 7 days after reading these words. That’s a fact. It might be you. It might be me.

“In the macrocosm of time your greatest achievment will be nothing more than a fart in the wind”


Given that, what are we to say of our failures? Our fear of failures? Or the reasons we justified to ourselves to not be bold in the first place and at least give our ideas a go?

No much. Almost unworthy of our consideration.

Act with your life! It’ll be gone for all eternity soon enough and then nothing will matter a damn.

Focus On The Regret You’ll Feel If You Fail To Act

Instead of thinking about failure, think about the consequences of never trying.

Regret is a painful pill to swallow, so give yourself the chance to be successful.

The last thing anyone wants is to spend the latter part of life wondering “what if?”

Indeed. What if you were more bold? What would you have done?

Change Your Physiology

Breathe deeply

Lift your sternum and stand up straight

Look straight ahead

Stand the way an emperor would stand

Imagine yourself as the most successful and powerful person in history. How would you stand, breathe, and think? Do that.

Is fear limiting your choices in life? What would you do if you were fearless?

Fortunately, you don’t have to eliminate 100% of your fear to see a drastic change in your life. It just takes a small boost in courage to get the ball rolling.

So when you’re faced with fear try using one of the above techniques for how to become fearless and notice what happens.

Take action and learn a new way of approaching the world – bold, brave, courageous… and fearless!

All the best.

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