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Avoiding Toxic People

How To Avoid Toxic People

Avoiding toxic people can sometimes be difficult, but it’s necessary. Use these tips and actionable steps to avoid the toxic people in your life.

emotional and mental health

How To Achieve Emotional and Mental Health

We want to be fit and healthy so that we live longer, but how often do you think about your emotional and mental health? Our emotional well-being is just as important as our physical. If you feel like you have been ignoring your emotional wellness, then here are tips to boost it.

mental health and exercise

Mental Health and Exercise

The following information is not about curing your mental health disorders, but rather having mental health and exercise in mind as a way to help manage your symptoms. It should not replace medical treatments, or keep you from seeing a mental health professional.

how to handle criticism

How To Handle Criticism

Being criticized never feels good. It can make you feel judged, as though you’re not good enough. None of this is true, or constructive. Learn how to handle criticism effectively so you can progress forward and better yourself.

help with depression

Help With Depression

Depression is a serious condition and is the leading cause of disability worldwide. At least 350 million people are living with it at this very moment. Another sad fact is that even though 80–90% of people who get help with depression will end up getting better in just a few weeks, nearly a million people commit suicide every year instead.

multi tasking

Multi Tasking & Your Mental Health

Does multi tasking affect your health? It may seem like it is increasing productivity and saving you time and energy, but ongoing research has confirmed that trying to ‘multi task’ can have negative effects on productivity (and overall brain health in some cases).


How Internal Chaos Can Make You Unhappy

Is your overactive mind making you unhappy and preventing you from experiencing peace and satisfaction? A lot of us suffer from the inability to be happy and joyful in our everyday lives. Inner chaos can be varied and different for everyone, but can often start off as a lack of meaning and lead to chronic unhappiness and a slew of other mental health struggles.

help with emotional eating

Help With Emotional Eating

Getting help with emotional eating can lead to a happier life in general and allow you to feel more in control—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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