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Sleep Tight Cover

Sleep Tight details what happens when we sleep and everything that we currently know about how to sleep smarter.

In fact, in just a few short pages you will learn all the sleep information you’ve ever wanted to know about how to combat your sleep issues and give yourself the very best chance of achieving not only the best sleep but also the most unbroken sleep you’ve ever had.

In short, you will finally know how to get rid of your sleep debt and start sleeping right!

Sleep Tight covers many things about sleeping and how to easily fall fast asleep, including:

• What is sleep and why we need it—no longer think of it as just ‘rest’

• How to train your body to fall asleep faster and for longer —don’t end up tossing and turning; develop a plan of attack!

• Strategies for sleeping smarter and getting the best sleep you’ve ever had—no more getting up feeling like you could go back to bed

• What happened while you were sleeping—finally know what’s actually going on; you’ll appreciate it manyfold more when you do!

• The destructive effects of an ongoing sleep debt and sleep deprivation—it’s time to rid these destructive and debilitating conditions from your life

• Why napping is important and how you can use it to boost your productivity and performance

• The sleep positions and how they affect your sleep (including for sleep apnea)—know what and why different positions are good (and bad) for you

• The purpose of dreams and dreaming—this millennia old mystery might finally be revealing its secrets!

• Even what little is currently known about truly combating the sleeping issues of insomnia, age, shift work, jet lag, and stress caused sleeping difficulties

• Plus more…

Sleeping is not something that we should put off because we feel it’s unproductive. Sleep is actually the number one health hack there is and a key driver in our productivity. From car crashes to dementia, it is also vital to both our mental and physical health.

It’s time to get some proper sleep sense, and the goal of Sleep Tight is to be sleep central. You owe it to yourself to know how important sleep is and why. You owe it to yourself to get the very best night’s sleep you can.

From deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep to NREM sleep, Sleep Tight will tell you all about sleep and dreams and give you a succinct and no-nonsense strategy for how to easily, and finally, sleep right. Let Sleep Tight be your guide.